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We contacted Scott after hearing his ad on the radio. He is now our ‘go to guy’ for anything to do with computers in our office. He is always on time and often shows up the same day we call him. Scott is very professional and knowledgeable, we recommend him for any of your computer needs!

Emily Billings
Reno, NV

Thank you Scott You are the best ....When I need help wow your there,,I have never had a better person and computer guy...Thank you once again ..Anyone needing help I cannot tell you enought that if you are here on Scotts website than you have found the right person to help you out

Pat Moulton

I contacted Scott on Monday and he arrived at my house on Tuesday to save me from shooting my computer! Within about one hour, he corrected all of the problems and gave me a computer that performed better than it had in years. His experience, know-how and professionalism was quite evident and much appreciated. Simply put, OUTSTANDING JOB!!!  I will be recommending you to all of my family and friends.  Thank you!

E. Radli
Sparks, NV

I heard the radio advertisements for Reno Computer Services several times so when my Mom needed to find a good reliable person to assist her with her computer problems and maintenance issues I told her to call this company I heard about on the radio.

Well after she had rave reviews about Scott I knew I had to call him for help with my computer.

Not only was he nice, responded to my emails in a timely manner, but he fixed my computer problems in a time frame that worked for me! It couldnt' have worked out better.

I have found a great business person that knows his business and treats his clients well, how refreshing!

Andrea Y.
Sparks, NV

This is a copy of an email that was sent by this gentleman to his friends and family.

When something good comes along I want to share it with you.  As you may know, I've been having trouble with my email program for a couple of months now (for almost a year, actually).  Receiving your emails was no problem, but sending or forwarding anything was quite a chore.

I heard an ad on the radio for Reno Computer Services, owned and operated by Scott Morris, in Reno.  What got my attention was that the ad said Scott would do "onsite repairs" which meant I wouldn't have to unplug the beast, haul it off to a repair shop, then wait a week or more while suffering from severe internet withdrawal symptoms.  That was the first I'd heard of anyone doing onsite repairs.  So I Googled his website and found that it gets even better.  Not only does he do onsite repairs, but he can fix 95% of your computer problems by remote access.  That means in most cases, he can fix your computer without even coming to your house!

So today (on a SUNDAY no less), I scheduled an appointment with Scott for a remote fix to FINALLY get my email program up and running again.  This guy is brilliant.  In only 30 minutes, he had restored my email program (Outlook Express) I had lost more than eight months ago.  Not only that, but he cleaned up the computer a bit and got it running faster again, AND installed photo editing software so I can download and send photos again.

So you may want to bookmark or save this link, so the next time you have computer trouble, you won't have to disconnect your computer, take it to the shop, and wait a week or more to get it back.  Check out his website at the link below and save it - even if you're out of state.


Robert C
Reno, NV

I first heard of Reno Computer Services/Scott Morris when I heard his commercial on the radio this past January (2011), on my way home from work.  I remembered the Website name and looked it/him up.  Was impressed by his website, gave him a call the next day.  He returned my call a few hours later, we chatted and in the conversation I felt VERY Comfortable and even more Impressed (again) after explaining my PC issues.  I asked if he thought he could fix my ailing PC, said he felt he could, so he came out to Dayton, (which I wasn't sure he would due to the distance), worked relentlessly on my PC, but to no avail.  BUT... I wasn't dissatisfied because I was already told 'twice' by AT&T what the problem was, and since I don't understand much of the computer language, thought if I just had someone come out, perhaps the problem could STILL be resolved.  So, in return for having been out here, unable to correct the problem, Scott offered to download EVERYTHING from my PC to a Portable Drive (that I already had) and then on to our Lap Top.  I was extremely happy about that since we had a lot of pictures and 'stuff' on the PC that we didn't  want to lose and the trip, service and time wasn't for nothing!

On that same visit (back in January), before he was leaving, I showed Scott a 'hard drive' from a previous computer that we had and asked him if he could rescue any photos, etc, that might be on it.  He said he could, so after some hem-hawing, I let him leave with the 'h/d' (as we all know what that means...TRUST).  He said he would download everything on to a disc for me, which he did.  We were grateful as we did not want to lose precious photos of my husbands late mother.

Well, Scott followed up with us regarding the disc he made and I told him that sadly the pictures were not there, but we knew that was a chance we took.  Because he felt that the outcome wasn't what we'd hoped for, he graciously credited us an amount towards a future service.  I thought that spoke VOLUMES for him as a person and a business owner.
As of today (03/27/11), we have used Scott's services for a third time.  Every experience has been positive.  And, I am absolutely thrilled to have found someone that I can feel good about and Trust!

I can never express enough appreciation to Scott for his services, his professionalism, his knowledge and TRUST.  But what I can do is show my gratitude by giving his business cards out and I have spoken highly of him, because as we all know, it's mostly the 'negative' that spreads like wild fire and the "positive" tends to take awhile.

Much "Thanks" to Scott.

Dayton, NV

I have known Scott Morris for 11 years. He has done computer installation, repairs, and assistance with purchases both on work and home computers. I always consult with him when purchasing new equipment and software so he can guide me in purchasing exactly what I need and he advises me when certain bells and whistles don't apply to me and aren't needed. He maintains my software and lets me know important updates that I need to do so everything runs efficiently. Scott installed the network in my office and maintains it effectively. I am able to reach him if I have any problems by phone or computer. He is able to diagnose and walk me through a lot of issues on the phone saving me time and allowing me to get back to what I need to do. If he needs to come to the office or home he schedules promptly and on time for appointments. I have recommended him to other friends and co-workers with no negative feedback. I am confident in Scott's abilities.

K Wilson
Reno, NV

I have owned Action Embroidery and Screen Printing for 11 years and during that time have had many occasions to need the services of an outside IT guy. In each case I was disappointed in the response and quality of each person used. I recently used Scott Morris from Reno Computer Services and was extremely pleased with is work. He did everything he said he would do, on time, and to my high expectations. I must also say his pricing was better than anyone I had used in the past. To our company and me it is critical to have a responsive and knowledge IT person and Scott is just that.

I highly recommend Scott and I am sure I will be using him in the future.

Ed Conner
Reno, NV


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