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"Why would I want a Computer Network?"
If you have more than one computer, a Network can improve your productivity. Networks come in two forms, Wired and Wireless, but both offer the same benefits. Wireless Networks are becoming increasingly popular due their ease of installation, but Wired Networks have the added advantage of having nearly unlimited range. I would be happy to discuss which type of network would be the right choice for you. Whichever type of Network you choose, here is what you will be able to enjoy once your Network is setup and ready to use:

  • File Sharing
    Computer Network File Sharing
    • What would you do if you found a cool little piece of software on the internet and you think another family member (with a separate computer) would enjoy it as well? You could download it on that computer, but what if the file took you 45 minutes to download yourself? If you had a network the answer would be a no-brainer! You would simply copy that program into a file shared by the network and let them install it on their own computer - and since the average network is over 33X faster (18X for wireless networks) than the typical high speed internet connection, this would happen in a flash!
  • Internet Sharing
    Computer Network Internet Sharing
    • Internet Sharing, in my opinion, is one of the best and most used features of a network. The ability to share the internet connection you have with the entire network will allow every computer to simultaneously use to internet. That means no more fights about who's turn it is to use the internet...
  • Printer Sharing
    Computer Network Printer Sharing
    • Time for another scenario - You typed up a document and it comes time to print it; however, the computer you typed it on isn't connected to the printer. Now what - unplug the printer, lug it over to this computer, install the drivers, print your document, then unplug again and move it back to the original location? Not with a network! Simply press the print button like normal and you're set.
  • Improved Security
    Computer Network Internet Security
    • A big topic on the minds of everyone these days is security, and rightfully so. Networks can add a layer of protection in the way of what's known as a Firewall. A Firewall is basically an intermediary between the vast internet and your computer that can stop something malicious from getting to your computer. They come in two distinct categories - Software Firewalls and Hardware Firewalls. Software Firewalls are good, but since they are simply software installed on your machine, if something gets by it it has free reign on your computer. Windows comes with a Software Firewall. Hardware Firewalls on the other hand are external from the computer and much harder to get around. When I install a network, the Router (the piece of equipment that allows you to connect multiple computers) has a Firewall built into it.

Long story short, having a network not only gives you amazing productivity, but also gives you added security in the way of an external Hardware Firewall. I have installed many networks for people and would like the opportunity to make you another one of my many Happy Customers. You may be wondering what setting up a network entails, so I've created an outline to help answer some questions.

  • Connect and Configure Router
    • Connection of All Computer to Router (the piece of equipment that allows you to connect multiple computers) and configure the Router to work with your computers.
      • Wired Networks will require cable to be installed, usually through the attic or the crawl space under the house.
      • Wireless Networks are pretty simple and require no cable, but will require additional equipment for each computer being connected to the Network.
  • Configure the Router to work with the internet (if applicable)
    • If you already have internet, I will configure the Router to work with that internet connection so all of the computers will be able to simultaneously utilize that internet connection. If you don't already have an ISP, or Internet Service Provider, I can recommend one to you and install/configure the internet for you, then configure the Router accordingly.
  • Install Important Security Software
    • With the Internet come security threats, so I will install your choice of Security Software on all of the computers on the Network. I will advise you, based on your situation, which will be your best option.
  • Setup Firewalls and Data Encryption on Router
    • Security Software is very important, but enabling the Hardware Firewalls and other security features on the Router will increase your protection vastly. If you are having a Wireless Network installed, you won't want just anyone to be able to use your Network, so I will enable the Wireless Security features of the router so you can rest assured that no one will be on your Network without your permission.
  • Printer Setup
    • The most simple way to share a printer is to create a shared connection to the printer that other computers on the network will be able to use. This limitation to this, however, is that if that computer is off the shared printer connection will be inactive. The best solution to this is purchase a Print Server to that will work in conjunction with your Network. What this device does is allow you to connect you Printer into your Router so anyone on the Network will be able to access it directly without relying on a specific computer being on or functional.
  • Create Shared Files
    • I will configure each computer with an easy to find shared folder in which you can place anything you wish to share on the Network.
  • Network Tutorial
    • I've been bragging about how great a Network is, but it will do you absolutely no good if you don't know how to use it. I will show you how various things work with the network, how to share files and answer any questions you may have on the operation of your new Network.

Estimated Material Costs:

  • Wireless Network Reno
    Wireless Network
    • Router - $70
    • Network Card (1 Per Computer)
      Many Laptops come with Wireless Networking, so this may not apply to your Laptops.
      • Desktop - $60
      • Laptop - $60
  • Wired Network Reno
    Wired Network
    • Router - $50
    • Network Card (1 Per Computer)
      Most computer come with a Network Adapter, so the may not apply to you.
      • Desktop - $20
      • Laptop - $30
    • Network Cable - Varies based on footage needed.


Estimated Time:2 hours for 1-3 Computers, approximately 15 minutes per additional computer. Time needed for Wire Installation for Wired Networks will vary based on number of computers.



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