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Is your computer being temperamental, running slow, freezing or just giving you a headache in general?

With viruses and spyware running wild on the internet, computers can get infected with a number a various troublemakers, and even if your computer is not acting up you could be infected with a multitude of malicious bugs. Although, just because your computer is acting up doesn't mean it's been infected with something - it could just be a simple error within Windows. I'll figure out what's causing the issue and fix it in no time, and also recommend ways to prevent it from happening again in the future.

  • Slow Performance
    Fix Slow Computer
    • Is your slow computer driving you out of your mind? Slow computer performance can be narrowed down to a number of factors, and I will find all of the culprits, fix them and inform you on how to prevent the same situation from arising in the future.
  • Windows Errors
    Fix Computer Errors
    • These can be incredibly frustrating for computer users. Errors popping up, freezing, crashing - causes can range from something as simple as a needed shortcut being unintentionally deleted to complicated hardware conflicts and registry problems. I'll narrow down this large list of possibilities to get to the real culprit and get rid it so you can begin to have a pleasurable the computer experience you deserve.
  • Malicious Software
    Remove Malicious Software
    • Spyware
      Remove Spyware
      • We have all been told that Spyware is running rampant in cyberworld, but what exactly is it? Spyware is little bits of software that can spy (hence SPYware) on what you do as a computer user. As scary as it sounds, they aren't always threatening in the sense of your financial security - some simply watch your internet browsing habits so advertisers can target you for internet advertising campaigns; however, there are some VERY malicious Spyware applications out there. Some take the form of Key Loggers that memorize every keystroke you make (passwords, credit card information, bank account information... you name it, every single key stroke).
    • Viruses
      Remove Computer Virus
      • These little bits of code attach themselves to vital files that make your system operate with the sole intentions of disrupting your system. They generally don't pose a security risk, but they sure can wreak havoc on your computer and make your life miserable
    • Trojans
      Remove Computer Trojan
      • The name comes from the Trojan Horse from the Trojan war in the 1670's. Something is presented to you in a package that you may want (traditionally screen savers), but when opened serve a completely different operation. They are used to bypass security software and allow access to your computer for spam emailing, remote access to your machine, etc.
    • Worms
      Remove Computer Worms
      • Worms replicate themselves over networks. Although they generally don't pose a security risk, they do create a nuisance by using up your computer's memory and network bandwidth for someone else's gain.
    • You don't want any of these on your computer. Seemingly benign or outrageously malicious, they ALL violate your privacy and allow someone you don't know to modify your computer in a way they see fit!

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