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Don't React to Computer Problems - Prevent Them!

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A multivitamin for your computer!

If a product existed that would maintain your car’s performance for a monthly charge instead of the occasional shop repair, wouldn't that service have tremendous value? Who wouldn't want to avoid that begrudging trip to the auto shop?

This is how my “PC Preventative Maintenance” program works! At Reno Computer Services, we specialize in a preventative approach that is designed to deliver reliable, consistent and secure PC performance - all the time.My clients have been welcoming me into their homes to speeding up their slow computers, which I love doing, but today I’m proud to announce this expansion of my service focusing on preventative maintenance.

This service includes:

  1. Restore your computer’s performance to establish a solid baseline.
  2. Consistent off-site repair and maintenance, to keep your PC running optimally.
  3. Monitoring of system events in order to prevent a system crash.
  4. System performance monitoring that will watch for high system usage that increases wear and tear on your machine.

Specific tasks performed remotely are:

  • Virus scanning with multiple programs
  • Windows updates
  • Software updates
  • Hard drive maintenance
  • Performance tracking
  • Error log monitoring
  • Overall system optimization
  • Temporary file deletion
  • Recycle bin emptying

How much does it cost?

First, we do a full system optimization that repairs basic problems and speeds up your slow computer, all that I would offer on a normal service call (this usually costs upwards of 99 dollars). I will also configure the computer to allow the remote connection. After that first visit I maintain your PC’s performance remotely. The initial session and the monthly service are priced at an affordable rate of less than $17 per month!

Why consider PC Preventative Maintenance?

These days doctors are all about preventative health. Take steps now to avoid bigger, more devastating problems in the future. My Preventative Maintenance program would be your computer’s multivitamin. Experienced and inexperienced computer users can benefit by eliminating the mundane chores needed to keep a computer running at its best; my service offers peace of mind surrounding your computer’s performance.

What about security?

In the digital age, privacy issues are never ending. My Preventative Maintenance service uses 256-bit encryption, the same security levels trusted by online banking systems and payment processors. Furthermore, I cannot readily see any files or information stored on your PC. My access to your computer is limited to system maintenance tasks. Keeping your PC running optimally is my focus; check out our testimonials.

Additional benefits (besides owning a fast, up-to-date PC)

  • Reduced cost of ownership over time. With repair and maintenance in my hands, your computer will last longer, which prevents buying upgrades or a new PC.
  • Peace of mind, no need for a trip to Best-Buy.
  • You will gain remote access to you computer and files from anywhere in the world.

Intrigued? Hop over to the preventative PC maintenance portion of my website.

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