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Reliable • Consistent • Secure

I founded Reno Computer Services, LLC with the goal to provide a preventative approach that delivers reliable, consistent and secure PC performance. We step outside the box with innovative solutions that take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach - this means we do everything in our power to prevent problems before they happen.

In the event you already have a computer problem we can quickly get you up and running. Our repair philosophy is to use the nuclear option (wipe and reformat your system) as intended - as a last resort! We will do everything we can to repair your system instead of taking the easy way out by reformatting your computer.

RCS's Core Values

  • Transparency
    We pride ourselves on taking an open and honest approach designed to cultivate peace of mind, empowering YOU to make informed decisions.
  • Adaptation
    Our tenacity motivates us to tailor our services to your needs by strategically implementing our approach, delivering flexible solutions that fit your IT budget.
  • Efficiency
    We bring innovative ideas to every project, guaranteeing the highest level of consideration to your IT budget without sacrificing functionality.


We want to be the premier provider of preventative PC maintenance in Northern Nevada, be known as the primary resource for all your computer needs, and exceed your expectations every time.


To keep your PC reliable, consistent and secure with a preventative approach by managing the chores that, left undone, lead to slow performance, hard drive failure and loss of data.

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